Kanji 鷹巣
Romaji Takasu
Other names Tacchan (by Echizen)
Biographical Information
Birthday Unknown
Age Unknown
Zodiac Unknown
Status Alive
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Race Octopus
Heigt Tall
Anime Episode 3
Manga Chapter 3
Voice Actors
Japanese Tatsuhisa Suzuki
Takasu (鷹巣 Takasu) is an octopus and one of Wakasa's friends,[1] who after hears of his new home he drops in to visit on occasion.

Appearance Edit

Serious Takasu

Serious Takasu.

Takasu is an octopus with dark skin, robust complexion and a thin body. He has straight reddish hair and bright yellow eyes. He keeps his hair tied with a green and white scarf. Having 8 arms makes him a very handy guy; he's good with tools and fixing electronics, managing to fix Wakasa's water proof TV with just a screwdriver (after he accidentally crushed it by sitting on it).

In one of Tatsumi's dreams, he is seen with a more serious appearance; his hair is perfectly combed and he took off his scarf.[2] However, it is unclear if this appearance would qualify as canon or not.

Personality Edit

Takasu is a bit jealous of Wakasa's new lifestyle, and occasionally tries to prove that he'd be a more useful bath mate to keep- when he's not just hanging around and having fun with the others.[1] Takasu is good with his tentacles, capable of fixing things and giving great massages. Being an octopus, he enjoys cramming himself into dark, narrow places, including Tatsumi's washer,[1] and a Halloween pumpkin.[3]

Background Edit

Young Takasu

Young Takasu.

When they were young, Takasu and Echizen used to be best friends and played together all the time. However, their friendship ended after they met a much older Wakasa and they began to fight over him.[4] Wakasa was oblivious to this conflict. Takasu actually wants to be friends with Echizen again.

Plot Edit

Takasu was only invited over so that he could give Tatsumi a massage as a gift from Wakasa, but he gets zapped by a microwave while trying to fix it and Tatsumi can't help thinking about takoyaki when he's around. When everyone gets together to play a card game he's the one who keeps missing all the turns. He's also apparently been chomped on by Agari before. If there's bad luck to be doled out and he's there, you can bet he's going to be the one suffering.

Trivia Edit

  • He is mostly responsible for making Tatsumi's bath tub explode.
  • He is a skilled artist, once painting Tatsumi's entire bathroom like a jungle.
  • Gave Tatsumi a Goemon bath.
  • He cried after reading Suho's White Horse.[5]
  • His name is derived from "tako," the japanese word for octopus.
  • In Chapter 99.1, the author states that his name comes from tacos.

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References Edit

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