Kanji 聡介
Romaji Sōsuke
Other names Sou-kun (by Kasumi)
Biographical Information
Birthday Unknown
Age Around 17
Family Two older sisters
Status Alive
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Heigt Unknown
Weight Unknown
Anime N/A
Manga Chapter 5
Voice Actors
Japanese None

Sosuke (聡介 Sōsuke) is a friend and classmate of Tatsumi.[1] He does not know that his friend is living with a merman. He has two older sisters.[2]

Overview Edit

Sosuke doesn't seem to have any others friends aside Tatsumi and even his sisters were surprised when he brought Tatsumi to their house because they thought he didn't have any friends.[2] His family is wealthy and he lives in a big house with a big bathtub.

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References Edit

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