Kanji 久虎
Romaji Hisatora
Other names Uncle Hisatora
Biographical Information
Birthday Unknown
Age Unknown
Family Unnamed Father[1]
Tatsumi's Father (older brother)
Tatsumi (nephew)
Kasumi (niece)
Unnamed Nephew
Status Alive
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Heigt Unknown
Anime N/A
Manga Chapter 50
Voice Actors
Japanese None

Hisatora (久虎 Hisatora) is the uncle of Tatsumi and Kasumi. He is a science teacher who develops suspicious "medicines" and has Tatsumi test them out.[2]

Appearance Edit

Hisatora resembles a lot to his nephew, as the both have messy black hair and tired golden eyes. Due to his scruffy appearance, he is constantly mistaken as a pervert, manly by Tatsumi's classmates.[3]

Personality Edit

Hisatora is very dedicated to his work. He continually develops suspicious "medicines" and has Tatsumi test them out, who always refuses but ends up accepting because Hisatora threatens him with leaking out information when he was in seventh grade.[2]

Tatsumi tests the "medicines" on Wakasa, who suffers from diverses changes such as going back to be a baby (not in appearance, but in personality),[3] be more manly and being stuck in the tub.

Trivia Edit

  • In Chapter 57, he discovers the existence of Wakasa but forgets about it the next day because he was drunk and didn't remember anything.[1]
  • He has a key of Tatsumi's house.
  • He is the younger brother of Tatsumi's father.

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