Kanji 五郎丸
Romaji Gorōmaru
Biographical Information
Birthday Unknown
Age Unknown
Zodiac Unknown
Family Ichiromaru (older brother)[1]
Status Alive
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Race Starfish
Heigt Short
Anime N/A
Manga Chapter 36
Voice Actors
Japanese None

Goromaru (五郎丸 Gorōmaru) is a short starfish who is often ignored in Tatsumi's household. He calls Tatsumi "big brother" and is very skilled at clinging.[2]


Goromaru Wet Hair.jpg
Goromaru's wet hair.
Goromaru is a short starfish of small figure and petite appearance. He has fair skin with a rosy tint, a round face with fine features, big red eyes and small oval shaped eyebrows. His hair is pointed and dark red. The only clothes he wears is a animal print loincloth.

It's later revealed that his hair is not naturally pointed, but he combs it like that because he hates people to look at his wet hair.[3]


Goromaru has a tsundere personality. He hates when people ignore him but he doesn't do anything to call their attention either. He is short-tempered and gets angry easily, but he only looks adorable when angry.

He deeply admires and loves Tatsumi, whom he calls "big brother" because according to him, he is very "manly".[2] Goromaru constantly clings to Tatsumi shoulders and show offy around him, trying to get his attention and glomming onto him as an older brother. Tatsumi is just as patient with him as he is with Kasumi.


  • He has a crush on Kasumi.[3]
  • He loves to eat oysters more than anything.[3]
  • His name comes from the japanese word for 5.


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