Episode 9
Episode 9
Japanese Title ハダカのお付き合い事情
Romanized Title Hadaka no Otsukiai Jijō
English Title My Naked Circumstances
Airdate Dec 1, 2014
Theme Music
Opening Chimeishou by Matenrou Opera
Previous Episode Episode 8
Next Episode Episode 10
My Naked Circumstances (ハダカのお付き合い事情 Hadaka no Otsukiai Jijō) is the nineth episode of the anime series.

Plot Edit

Kasumi comes over to visit while Tatsumi is changing the bathwater and demands to take a bath together with her brother. Tatsumi initially refuses because he doesn't like having Wakasa see his sister on swimwear, but Wakasa persuades him to accept. Kasumi and Tatsumi try blindfolding Wakasa to protect Kasumi's privacy, but Wakasa insists on joining in because it sounds like the siblings are having fun and he feels left out. Kasumi and Wakasa make friends over their shared taste in bathing products, and during the credits, Kasumi persuades Wakasa to send photos of Tatsumi to her by promising to pay him with his favorite shampoo.

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