Episode 8
Episode 8
Japanese Title いまどき男子の流行事情
Romanized Title Imadoki Danshi no Hayari Jijō
English Title The Trendy Circumstances of Modern Men
Airdate Nov 24, 2014
Theme Music
Opening Chimeishou by Matenrou Opera
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Next Episode Episode 9

The Trendy Circumstances of Modern Men (いまどき男子の流行事情 Imadoki Danshi no Hayari Jijō) is the eighth episode of the anime series.

Plot Edit

Wakasa tries to get out of eating his vegetables by protesting that being a carnivore is trendier, having read and misunderstood the slang term (carnivore = sexually aggressive person) in a magazine. After this fails to dissuade Tatsumi, Wakasa claims to have gotten sick eating vegetables once before, but forces himself to eat them after Tatsumi leaves the bathroom. When Wakasa claims that he's confident in his health and strength, balanced diet or no, Tatsumi challenges him to an arm-wrestling match to prove it.

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