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Episode 6
Episode 6.png
Japanese Title オレん家の泡事情
Romanized Title Orenchi no Awa Jijō
English Title The Circumstances of My Bubbles
Airdate Nov 10, 2014
Theme Music
Opening Chimeishou by Matenrou Opera
Previous Episode Episode 5
Next Episode Episode 7

The Circumstances of My Bubbles (オレん家の泡事情 Orenchi no Awa Jijō) is the sixth episode of the anime series.


Tatsumi makes up a bubble bath for Wakasa, who has always wanted to try one. Though Tatsumi initially has no intention of joining in because he thinks that bubble baths are "too girly", Wakasa insists, and they wind up playing in the bathtub until all the bubbles are gone. Later, Wakasa tries to use bubble bath powder on his own and ends up making a mess.