Episode 4
Episode 4
Japanese Title 若狭のトモダチ事情・三国編
Romanized Title Wakasa no Tomodachi Jijō Mikuni-hen
English Title The Circumstances of Wakasa's Friends: Mikuni Edition
Airdate Oct 27, 2014
Theme Music
Opening Chimeishou by Matenrou Opera
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The Circumstances of Wakasa's Friends: Mikuni Edition (若狭のトモダチ事情・三国編 Wakasa no Tomodachi Jijō Mikuni-hen) is the fourth episode of the anime series.

Plot Edit

Tatsumi tells Wakasa and Takasu about a "ghost" he met in the park, only to discover that the ghost has followed him home, and is not truly a ghost but a spacey jellyfish named Mikuni. Tatsumi is charmed by Mikuni's beauty and humility, and is surprised when unlike Wakasa and Takasu all Mikuni needs is water. After Mikuni returns to wandering, Wakasa and Takasu express jealousy over Mikuni's preferential treatment and both try to offer themselves up as food as compensation for mooching. Later, Wakasa and Takasu discuss that Tatsumi still does not know what Mikuni is "really like".

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