Episode 13
Episode 13
Japanese Title 若狭のおしごと事情
Romanized Title Wakasa no Oshigoto Jijō
English Title The Circumstances of Wakasa's Employment
Airdate Dec 29, 2014
Theme Music
Ending Chimeishou by Matenrou Opera
Previous Episode Episode 12

The Circumstances of Wakasa's Employment (若狭のおしごと事情 Wakasa no Oshigoto Jijō) is the thirteenth episode of the anime series, as well the last episode.

Plot Edit

Wakasa worries that Tatsumi may kick him out after watching a man complaining about his partner's moocher tendencies on TV, and asks Tatsumi to help him find a job. Because Wakasa has nothing to put on a resume, Tatsumi recommends that he enter by-mail sweepstakes, but Wakasa is unable to write kanji and Tatsumi must teach him. Wakasa fills out stacks of postcards, but is shocked that he will not get to see the contest results for a month. Tatsumi reassures Wakasa that he doesn't have to worry about being kicked out, because they are friends. Wakasa mainly enters contests to win free meat, but what he receives at the end of the month is a scarf, which he had been aiming for to give to Tatsumi. During the credits, Wakasa's friends come over for a New Year's party, and Kasumi also has a brief appearance wishing her brother a happy new year from her own house.

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