Episode 12
Episode 12
Japanese Title おるすばん事情
Romanized Title Orusubuan Jijō
English Title The Circumstances of Wakasa Staying Home Alone
Airdate Dec 22, 2014
Theme Music
Opening Chimeishou by Matenrou Opera
Previous Episode Episode 11
Next Episode Episode 13
The Circumstances of Wakasa Staying Home Alone (おるすばん事情 Orusubuan Jijō) is the twelfth episode of the anime series.

Plot Edit

Wakasa, alone in the tub, begins to get nervous when Tatsumi is late coming home. He worriedly comes up with horrifying ideas on what may have happened to him, including accidents or alien abduction. Wakasa gets out of the tub to look for some food as he is hungry, but he finds he has already eaten all the food Tatsumi left him. Desperately he tries to find a way to contact Tatsumi. Crawling his way across the floor, he looks for a phone, before reprimanding himself for being silly as he doesn't know how to use a phone. He attempts to drag himself back to the bathtub, but as he crawls his hand slips on the wet floor and he falls over. Hurt and afraid, Wakasa begins to cry for Tatsumi, slowly drying out and almost dying, but is saved by the timely arrival of Tatsumi. When Tatsumi comes home, he carries Wakasa back to the tub and thanks hin for worrying about him, but makes him promise not to get out of the tub next time, or else he won't give Wakasa the cake he brought with him.

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