Orenchi no Furo Jijou Wiki
Kanji 越前
Romaji Echizen
Other names Echi
Ecchan (by Takasu)
Biographical Information
Birthday Unknown
Age Unknown
Zodiac Unknown
Family Unknown
Status Alive
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Race Crab
Heigt Tall
Anime N/A
Manga Chapter 68
Voice Actors
Japanese Yusa Kouji

Echizen (越前 Echizen) is a super sadistic crab. He has known Wakasa and Takasu since he was young, and he is seen trying to take Wakasa back to the ocean on several different occasions.[1]


Echizen is a extremely thin man-crab, the thinnest of all the main characters. However, despite his skeletal like appearance, his claws are very strong and he is able to cut almost everything.[1] His hair is long and messy; it starts with white color on the top, which degrades to purple and finally to violet. Echizen also has a pair of bright green eyes.


Echizen has a super sadistic personality. He believes that Wakasa shouldn't be living with Tatsumi, as humans "did bad things to him in the past".[1] Because of this, he is often seen trying to take Wakasa back to the ocean with him.


Young Echizen.

When they were young, Echizen and Takasu used to be best friends and played together all the time. However, their friendship ended after they met a much older Wakasa and they began to fight over him.[2] Wakasa was oblivious to this conflict. However, Echizen wants to be friends with Takasu again.


  • He has bad hearing since crabs are very sensitive to sound vibrations.[1]
  • He loves calcium.[3]



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