Japanese オレん家のフロ事情
Genres Comedy, Fantasy, Shoujo
Duration 4 min. per episode
Rating PG-13
Aired Oct 6, 2014 to ?
Episodes 13

Tatsumi is a high school boy who lives by himself. However, a devastatingly handsome merman named Wakasa moves into the bathtub in Tatsumi's home. Wakasa is a bit self-centered but cute, while Tatsumi is cool but a busybody.

Episode List

No. Title Original air date
1 "The Special Circumstances of My Bathtub"

"Uchi no furo no tokushuna jijō" (ウチのフロの特殊な事情)

Oct 6, 2014
2 "The Severe Circumstances of My Household Budget"

"Orenchi no Setsujitsuna Kakei Jijō" (オレん家の切実な家計事情)

Oct 13, 2014
3 "The Circumstances of Wakasa's Friends: Takasu Edition"

"Wakasa no tomodachi jijō: Takasu-hen " (若挟のトモダ千事情・鷹巣編)

Oct 20, 2014
4 "The Circumstances of Wakasa's Friends: Mikuni Edition"

"Wakasa no tomodachi jijō sangoku-hen" (若狭のトモダチ事情・三国編)

Oct 27, 2014
5 "The Halloween Circumstances of my Household"

"Orenchi no harōin jijō" (オレん家のハロウィン事情)

Nov 3, 2014
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